After the Corporation had acceded to the petition and granted permission to build the cathedral the Catholics of Waterford addressed the following letter to the City fathers. 


To the Worshipful the MAYOR, SHERIFFS, ALDERMEN and COMMON COUNCIL of the county of the CITY of WATERFORD.



ITH a Nobleness of Spirit which does Honour to every Individual of which your Corporation is composed, you have enabled us to draw our Place for Divine Worship from the Obscurity in which it was buried, and you have rescued it from the filthy Avenues by which it was disgraced and polluted. The spacious Dimensions, the great actual and the great rising Value of the Ground with which you have accommodated us for the Purpose by disdaining the Office yourselves, you have thrown it on us to appraise them up to their utmost Worth. Yes, Gentlemen, we are fully aware of the Magnitude of your Donation; and yet you have contrived to enhance the princely Gift, by the unanimous Benevolence, and by the pleasing and the gracious Manner in which this Gift was conferred. Not a single Circumstance that can add Lustre to your Generosity has escaped our Observation; not a single Circumstance that can in any Way tend to prove how deeply we are indebted to the Corporation of Waterford, but it shall be our Care to transmit to Posterity, in hopes thereby to perpetuate the thankful Acknowledgments to which you are so justly entitled. It is an easy Matter to foresee the Difficulties which we shall have to encounter, ere we can put the finishing Hand to the sumptuous Fabrick, which as yet exists only in Idea and on paper; but it must animate us in the Prosecution of our arduous Undertaking, when we consider that while raising a Temple to the Deity, we are at the same Time erecting a Monument which will for Ages record your Munificence and our Gratitude.

                                    We are, GENTLEMEN, with the most profound respect,

                                             Your very obedient and very humble Servants,
signed in the Name and by the Authority of our respective Flocks]

THOMAS HEARN, P. P. of Trinity

PAUL POWER, P. P. of St.Patrickís  

JAMES POWER, P. P. of St. Michaelís


Source: The Waterford Herald, Tuesday, May 8, 1792   



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