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Message to Army



Michael Collins was killed during an ambush  at Béal na mBláth, Co. Cork on 22nd August 1922.  Immediately on receiving the news in Dublin, Mulcahy published this message to the Army.  
To the Men
of the Army -
Stand calmly to your posts
Bend bravely and undaunted to
your work
Let no cruel act of reprisal
blemish your bright honour.
Every dark hour the Michael
Collins met since 1916 seemed but
to steel that bright strength of his
and temper his gay bravery.
To each of you falls his
unfinished work.
No darkness in this hour -
No loss of comrades will daunt
you at it.
Ireland!  The Army serves -
strengthened by its sorrow.
                          Risteárd Ua Maolcatha
                          Chief of the General Staff


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