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This page is devoted to photographs of Waterford city and environs requested by our viewers. If any Waterford exile wishes to see a photograph of any place in the city we will do our best to publish same. It might be the family home or a certain building or place that might hold special memories, etc., etc. To request a photo please visit our Guestbook and let us know what you desire. To see the photo full-size please click on the thumbnail image, below.

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opera plaque 1.jpg (95133 bytes)

opera plaque 2.jpg (87363 bytes)

Ballygunner Temple.jpg (60087 bytes)

Plaque (1) on The Mall commemorating William Vincent Wallace

Plaque (2). Both requested by "Wallace Fan" in San Francisco

Ballygunner Temple old graveyard. Requested by "Gilly" in Cork exile.

presrow.jpg (99468 bytes)

cathedralspire.jpg (36259 bytes)

cathreflection.jpg (45551 bytes)

Waterford street name plate. For Jimmy in Dublin

Christchurch spire. Requested by "True Blue", Dublin.

Cathedral reflection. Requested by True Blue, Dublin.

regtowerplaque.jpg (110852 bytes)

domprioryruin1.jpg (72261 bytes)

domprioryruin2.jpg (56218 bytes)

Reginald's Tower plaque. Requested by John Power, Quincy MA, USA.

Dominican Priory 1226AD, Arundel Square. Requested by "DS"

Dominican Priory 1226AD, Arundel Square. Requested by "DS"

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